Drain Cleaning

M & T Plumbing and Heating offers a wealth of experience in drain and sewer cleaning. Our highly trained professionals can handle all facets of line location, video line inspection and repair, grease removal and trap cleaning, high pressure water jetting and pipe/line cleaning and repair.

Drain Cleaning / High Pressure Jetting

Using high pressure water jetting we can remove blockages from any type of pipe or drain.

Sewer / Drain Line Location

Using the latest tools available, we can easily locate any type of sewer, drain or water line.

Grease Removal

Our high pressure machines can remove the toughest grease from any type of surface.

Store bought drain cleaners can be damaging to your pipes. Store bought drain cleaners rely on caustic substances to eat away at whatever is causing the clog. While these toxic chemical are eating away at the clog, they are also eating away at your pipes.