About Us

The purpose of this M & T Plumbing and Heating is to bring together those engaged in business as plumbing, hydronic heating, and hydronic cooling contractors. We are here to improve, promote, and increase the efficiency of the trade so that it may render better service in providing plumbing, heating, and cooling facilities.

We also inform the trade of all the latest techniques, methods, tools, appliances, discoveries, and inventions which promote sanitation and a more comfortable and healthful environment and inform the trade of legislation affecting it.

We protect against injustice and encroachment upon the rights and interests of those in the trade.

We strive to increase the social and commercial communications of those in the trade with each other so that they may combine their knowledge and experience for the good of the trade and the public.

We promote good relations with the persons employed as workmen and employees in the trade and their representatives. We encourage and foster the recruitment and training of apprentices so that competent and capable workmen may be available.

We strive to secure by all lawful means fair and equitable treatment for the members of the trade in their dealings with manufacturers and suppliers. We encourage legislation which will benefit the trade and improve sanitation and a more comfortable and healthful environment.

We assist and encourage all officers to create and maintain sanitary codes of high standard, as to protect the public and insist on proper inspection of all plumbing.